Have bacon will travel: on the road with the ‘bacon barter’ guy

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

Last week, we told you about comedian and actor Josh Sankey, who is attempting to travel the country using only bacon to pay for his lodging and meals along the way.

Yahoo News caught up with Sankey midway through his journey, where Sankey was "living the life" in a local mansion, where he had just traded 50 packages of Oscar Mayer's Butcher Cut bacon for a night in the lap of luxury.

"I've still got about 2,000 pounds of bacon left," Sankey, 37, said in a phone interview with Yahoo News. "I doubt we'll have much left at the end, but we're planning to cook it all up at a big party in Los Angeles."

New Jersey native Sankey is scheduled to complete his cross-country "bacon barter" adventure next week, arriving in Los Angeles on September 23. His voyage began when he left New York, not knowing where he would be sleeping that night.

"That first night we pulled into Maryland at three in the morning, and I started to wonder if this was such a good idea," Sankey said with a laugh. "But some guy offered to let me crash on his couch. We talked for two hours, and I gave him some bacon."

"It's been amazing," Sankey continued. "I can't tell you how grateful I am, how wild and real it has been. There's a whole lot of good to America that you don't see in the media very much, and I'm experiencing it all because of this bacon."

And Sankey's journey hasn't been all couch surfing and parents' basements, though there has been some of that. But he's also stayed in a family's mansion, and even noted on Twitter that he was doing his morning interview with Yahoo while relaxing in the Voss family's hot tub.

He says the next morning the Voss family treated him to bacon casserole for breakfast.

One man Sankey met along the way even had his arm inked with a bacon themed tattoo.

"It's literally getting me across the country," Sankey said. "They said it's as good as gold and so far it's been true."