Baby Tasmanian devils are devilishly cute — and endangered

Claudine Zap
The Sideshow

Australia’s Tasmanian devil is becoming devilishly close to going extinct.

The ferocious sounding marsupial is in danger of dying off due to the highly contagious devil facial tumor disease.

According to the site Zooborns, the species is in danger of disappearing in the next 20 years. Wild populations in Tasmania already have plummeted in some areas by 85 percent.

An organization called Devil Ark, the largest conservation breeding program on mainland Australia, has started breeding Tasmanian devils as “insurance” against extinction.

So far, the conservation group has successfully bred more than 120 devils, and it hopes to have close to 360 by 2016.

Their efforts have resulted in some adorable video that captures the feisty joeys (Australian for babies) not really being very devilish at all.

Watch the little devils play, feed and otherwise act incredibly cute.

Altogether now: Awww.