Australian firefighter gives first person view of dramatic bushfire rescue (VIDEO)

Eric Pfeiffer

Australia is currently experiencing some of its worst fires in a decade in the New South Wales area. An estimated 80 fires are currently burning across the region, with at least 20 of them uncontained. The first have already destroyed 300 homes and claimed their first victim on Friday.

Firefighter Jonathan Mallin was recently taking part in a dramatic bushfire rescue just outside of Sydney in Mt. Victoria, when he strapped a GoPro camera on to the top of his helmet.

The result is a stunning first person view as Mallin charges through the smoke-filled scene, helping to pull civilians to safety and coordinating with his fellow firefighters.

At times, it's hard to imagine how Mallin gets from point-to-point, navigating through the smoke as the sun itself barely seems to break through the thick camouflage. By the end of the video, his camera has become slightly obstructed from the falling debris raining down on the scene.

But at the end of the video, we see Mallin get into a firetruck with some of his fellow firefighters, presumably about to leave the scene. The Australian military says it is investigating whether the fires may have been accidentally triggered by one of their own recent combat training exercises.