Apple’s sentimental new commercial put a heartfelt spin on smartphone obsession

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

Maybe those countless folks who seemingly can’t seem to put down their smartphones for five minutes are really just misunderstood sweethearts?

That’s the theme of a new iPhone commercial from Apple entitled, “Misunderstood.”

In the clip, a family gets together to celebrate the holidays but one teenager in the group appears to be far more interested in spending time on his phone.

In fact, he appears downright depressed, isolating from the group with a morose look on his face.

Throughout the clip, the relatives try to get the attention of their distracted family member, who is seemingly missing out on all the best activities, including sledding.

But when the family gathers around the Christmas tree to exchange gifts, they realize the seemingly distracted youth has in fact been chronicling the entire reunion on his iPhone’s camera.

What plays out is a cute montage of the preceding events as seen from the boy’s perspective, “A Harris Family Holiday.”

And as it turns out, he was far from an isolating, moody teen. He was actually deeply involved in his family’s affairs.

So, maybe the next time you’re at the movie theater, or trying to enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant, you may want to withhold judgment of that person who appears to have little to no restraint over their cell phone use.

Or, maybe they’re just playing Candy Crush.