Suspected burglar falls through roof while fleeing cops

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow
File photo of cash withdrawl from ATM machine (Thinkstock)

Not every criminal is a criminal genius.

Case in point: The alleged burglar who fell through a roof while fleeing police in San Francisco.

Hey, they can't all be Butch Cassidy.

According to KPIX, the man had attempted to break into an ATM inside the bank. He crawled through an air ventilation shaft early on Friday morning, before the bank was open for business.

The would-be thief set off the bank's silent alarm, and police promptly responded. Cops saw him fleeing, running and jumping from one roof to another.

But then, like something out of a Looney Tunes cartoon, the thief fell through a hole in the rooftop just as he was preparing to surrender, KPIX reports.

Media Information Officer Gordon Shyy of the San Francisco Police Department told Yahoo News that the suspect, John Franklin, 33, landed in the attic of an apartment. No money was taken from the ATM, Shyy said.

Police Sgt. Wilfred Williams told reporters, "I've responded to several different silent alarm calls at banks, but this is the first time when someone fell through a roof."

The suspect wasn't seriously injured during the tumble, according to KPIX.

And thus ends the sad, sad saga of the hapless bandit of San Francisco.