Building goes up in flames moments after bride and groom say 'I do'

Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo News

Kiss the bride, but make it snappy.

Immediately after a man and woman exchanged their vows at a Boston-area wedding on Saturday, the couple — along with everyone in the building — had to rush for the exits to escape the beginnings of what would turn out to be a three-alarm fire.

Jerry Cibley, the justice of the peace who was performing the wedding, spoke to CBS Boston about the fire.

“I just finished pronouncing the young couple husband and wife when we started the recessional, walked out followed by the groom's people and bridesmaids, then we looked up, and I thought it was fog from a fog machine. It was kind of nice and then I took a closer look and there was a smell to it that didn’t smell like a fog machine."

No one was injured in the blaze, though the popular Lakeview Pavilion in Foxboro, Mass., will have to be demolished, according to reports. Investigators believe the fire started when someone tossed a still lit cigarette onto some mulch that then ignited nearby vinyl siding, ABC News reports.

The building, open since 1906, did not have a sprinkler system and was not required by law to have one.

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