A haircut in reverse in student's stop-motion film

Mike Krumboltz

Getting a haircut means you walk away with less hair than when you sat down. But in this stop-motion video by Bowling Green State University student Isaac Bouyack, the opposite proves true.

Yahoo News spoke with Bouyack, 20, about his short film and how he went from shorn to shaggy with the help of his brother, the amateur barber.

Bouyack explained that the project began as an assignment for his BGSU film class.

"The assignment was to create a film by editing several pictures together in a row which would make the people/objects appear to be moving," he said. "I had not been planning the video for a long time; I came up with the Idea the day before it was shot. When I brought the idea up to my brother, he instantly hopped on board."

The cutting — both of the hair and the final film — took awhile and required a lot of patience.

"Basically how it went down was we would cut some hair take a picture" and then repeat over and over. Bouyack, meanwhile, did his best to stay as still as possible.

"The haircut itself took a little over three hours, and by the time the haircut was over we had around 1,200 pictures," he told Yahoo News. He then put the pictures in reverse, did a little light editing, and voila — the illusion of Miracle Grow hair!

And what of the reaction to the new 'do?

"My family and my roommates say I look like a completely different person. Walking around campus the first couple of days I would wave and say hello to friends, and they would just half wave with confused faces, like they didn’t even know who they were waving to."