9-year-old boy helps nab home invasion suspects

Claudine Zap
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9-year-old boy helps nab home invasion suspects

Two armed robbers were no match for a kid.

According to a story from ClickonDetroit, the two men had knocked on the door of a Hazel Park, Mich., home on Sunday. Posing as friends of a family member, they forced their way into the house, had the adults lie down on the floor with blankets over their heads, and demanded cash.

Meanwhile, quick-thinking Jaden Kanka, age 9, had hidden in a closet. When he heard his mom, her boyfriend, Jerome Brown, and the home invaders talking in the living room, he climbed out of the first-story bedroom window and ran to the neighbors’, who called the police.

Officers arrived while the armed men were still in the house. They were quickly arrested. The suspects were identified as Monte Rowe and Clarence Wilson Jr.

Brown told the local TV station WXYZ-Detroit of Jaden’s actions, “He was pretty brave. That was good thinking on his part.”

Said Jaden, “I was scared … I was shaky." But he, added, “I was kind of calm.” When asked if he thought he was a hero, he said, “Yes.”

Boy hero, 1. Armed robbers, 0.