Dad mimics 6-year-old's temper tantrum

Claudine Zap
Dad mimics 6-year-old's temper tantrum

“Daaaad! Listen to me!!!!!!!!!”

But after listening to his 6-year-old daughter rage for over an hour, dad decided to mix it up by lip-syncing his daughter’s screams. Hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Mom Kathy Sterner captured the sound of their child’s high-pitched squeals and her husband Keiron’s reaction on video.

The moment goes from hysterical to hysterically funny.

“My 6-year-old daughter had been in her room wigging out for about an hour, and there was no talking her down,” the video description from Sterner explains. The daughter had been told she could not have McDonald's for dinner, which prompted the meltdown, Sterner told Yahoo News in an email.

“I was getting fed up, so my husband decided to lighten the mood.”

The father, who has been listening to his daughter yell in the next room for a while, times his Charlie Chaplinesque frowns and wide-open jaw to mimic her fit.

“She'd been screaming the same thing over and over for an hour, so it wasn't hard to anticipate what was coming next, and we could hear her take a breath when she was about to start up again,” Sterner notes in the comments.

“The ‘Stop laughing at me!’ was a new and unexpected twist, and he went with it,” Sterner explained. She added about her husband, “He's a pretty good actor, and was big into improv when he was younger.”

Sterner, who lives with her family just outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, told Yahoo News over email that although the lip-syncing was a first, experiencing a temper tantrum definitely was not new. "We have five kids, and she's the second-youngest, so we've seen a few tantrums in our time," she noted.

Viewers definitely enjoyed the show the video has been watched over 1 million times.

As for the parenting technique, reactions on YouTube were mixed. While plenty of people found the video entertaining, others worried about putting the girl’s fit on the Web.

Ann Marie Hughes posted,

“Humor is fine for dealing with this. Posting this on the Internet is not. Get the difference?”

Blibjorb added,

“It just makes them madder when you do this. I know.”

TTM-2-5 praised,

“This is GREAT! I have 4 girls and sometimes humor is the only way to make it through the stressful moments. Love his parenting style.”

onyxescence wrote,

“I was killing myself laughing....sometimes kids just need to have their tantrum and this was a great way to survive it!!!”

Sterner also pointed out in the comments that the family hadn’t set out to humiliate their kid  they kept her name private and her face off-camera.

“For the record, she's not typically a beast child she's actually a pretty awesome little kid who was having a rough day,” Sterner added.