16-year-old boy takes Justin Bieber cardboard cutout to prom (VIDEO)

Eric Pfeiffer
The Sideshow

High school student Leon Purvis had a dream of bringing pop sensation Justin Bieber to the prom as his "bro." And while he wasn't able to land the genuine article, Purvis is gaining some attention after bringing a cardboard cutout in the singer's place.

"Sadly Justin Bieber did not come to prom with me as a bro so I went with Plan B," Purvis writes on his YouTube page. "Plan B was of me bringing a life sized Cardboard Cutout of Justin Bieber To Promenade as my wingman."

16-year-old Purvis made clear he wasn't asking Bieber to the prom as a date, but rather as "wingman" who might enjoy some time off from his busy schedule. In the end, Purvis did find an actual date to attend the prom with him.

"My prom was one of the best nights of my life," Purvis told Yahoo News over email. "I made prom court for walking across stage with the cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber To Prom. I got two free concert tickets, I am pretty happy right now."

Purvis had been trying to recreate a gimmick used by other fans, in which they invite celebrities to dances via videos posted online.  Last November, a Marine made headlines when actress Mila Kunis accepted his online invitation to the Marine Corp Ball.

And while Purvis never heard back from Bieber, his invitation video was something of a hit, generating more than 140,000 page views. And after posting video of the cardboard cutout date, Purvis received a tweet from Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, who offered Purvis two tickets to a Bieber concert. Braun sent the news directly to Purvis, via his Twitter account, writing:

"@jpmay3 have a good prom buddy.  - just one thing u dont know. u got two tix to the ‪#BelieveTour now :)"

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