'You just do what you have to do,' says woman who gave up coat to newborn

Mike Krumboltz
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Every day, a lot of wild things happen in New York. But rare is the case when a baby is born on a bustling street corner and a good Samaritan literally gives the coat, and more, off her back.

On Wednesday, "Good Morning America" reported about new mom Polly McCourt and her husband's attempts to get a taxi to the hospital before their baby made her grand entrance on the streets of the Big Apple.

But where's a cab when you need one, right? A short time later, little Ila Isabelle McCourt came rushing into the world. Isabel Williams was there, dialed 911 and gave the new infant and her mother her coat, scarf and flannel shirt to keep the baby warm in the cold winter weather.

Williams spoke with the New York Daily News about her unexpected encounter.  She remarked that the experience was "intense, but really cool," adding, "You just do what you have to do, you know?"

From the Daily News:

"I saw a lot of people with their phones out taking pictures. I ran over and asked if anybody had called 911 and everybody said no. So I called the ambulance."

Polly McCourt's husband, Cian, got Williams' first name and phone number at the scene so he could be sure to thank her later. In the ensuing chaos, he lost the number, the Daily News reports. The proud parents were given Williams' full name later after their story went nationwide.

As a token of their appreciation, they switched their plans for the baby's middle name to honor Isabel. Williams told the Daily News that she was glad to help. "And if they ever need a babysitter," she told the paper.

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