Man finds $1 million lottery ticket in car’s glove compartment

Eric Pfeiffer

An Illinois man is $1 million richer after finding a winning lottery ticket inside his glove compartment two months after he first purchased it.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Giuseppe Anelli has been buying lottery tickets for years, oftentimes leaving them inside his car’s glove compartment without bothering to see if he ever won.

“Sometimes I buy an instant ticket or a Lotto ticket and I put them in a glove compartment. But I forgot all about my raffle ticket!” Anelli told the paper.

Anelli was at a gas station in early August when he realized he had an unclaimed lotto ticket inside his car. So, he took the 4th of July Millionaire Raffle ticket inside the store.

When he scanned it on a lotto machine he received a message on screen that read, “file a claim.” When he returned home and checked his Illinois Lottery numbers online, he realized he had won $1 million.

Anelli said that he and wife plan to use the winnings to pay off their house loan and to set up college funds for their three children.

The Addison, Illinois gas station will also receive $10,000 for selling the winning lotto ticket to Anelli.