Inmate’s daring jailbreak caught on camera

Eric Pfeiffer
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Inmate’s daring jailbreak caught on camera

An inmate in an Arkansas jail executed a daring escape that was captured on film by a pair of security cameras.

KARK 4 News reports that Derrick Estell, 33, who was arrested in March on charges of armed robbery and car theft, managed to slip from custody when he climbed through an open window inside Garland County Jail in Hot Springs, Ark.

In the dramatic footage, Estell crawls through a window and then races out through the front of the jail while a group of onlookers watch. He was using the cover of speaking on the telephone when he suddenly lunged through the open window.

An officer quickly follows him through the window, but Estell jumps into a waiting getaway car in the jail parking lot.

A second security camera outside the jail shows Estell racing through the parking lot with the officer trailing behind him.

A statement from the Garland County Sheriff’s Office said Estell should be considered "armed, dangerous and extremely aggressive."

"Due to his violent history and the fact that he has always been located with weapons, we have to assume that this time will be no different," Lt. James Martin told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Estell allegedly used fellow inmate William Harding to distract two officers while Estell makes his escape.

The getaway car was found abandoned in a parking lot shortly after the escape. Harding has since been arrested for allegedly helping Estell escape, but Estell and his getaway driver, who police say is Tamara Upshaw, remain at large.

Arkansas police say they have launched a manhunt to find Estell, who at the time of his arrest was being charged with 26 offenses.