'I'm not sleepy,' sings kid (video)

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

All parents know that when it comes to bed time, their kid can be a stubborn little so-and-so.

Case in point: John Thomas. In this video from 2000 (that is just now surfacing), young John can be heard singing-shouting, "I'm not sleepy" to himself over and over.

His parents, wanting to document the cuteness, took a video camera into John's room in the dark of night. The whole thing looks a lot like "Paranormal Activity," but with a much happier ending.

At first young John freaks out when he senses somebody in the room with him, but after getting some assurances from his mother, he returns to singing and begins playing with what looks like a toy dinosaur. Yay for being a kid.

"I uploaded it privately to YouTube a few years ago, just to show friends and family," Lauren Marek, John's older sister, wrote Yahoo News in an email. "Everyone had always thought it was hilarious and I just wanted to put it out there for people to see. I put it on reddit a few days ago and it just took off."

She explained that the not-sleepy John is now 17. Like most of the Internet, he thinks the clip is hilarious. His singing in bed was a one-time thing, but, as a kid, he did have a tendency to get a burst of energy around bed time.

His parents usually let him just play in his room until he passed out. That night, he decided to sing. Because, hey, he wasn't sleepy.