A scary trip every woman goes on!

March 4, 2013
5 things every woman gets wrong
From our body weight to our choice of literature, you may be surprised by all the things us ladies get wrong! Uncover some surprising female health mistakes and misconceptions with these 5 things every woman gets wrong

I’ve tried chocolates, broccoli and various flavours of tea, but nothing helped! Then I felt I must shuffle my living space a bit, jazz it up with vibrant hues, maybe. I went on and spent all my time, money and effort, but in vain.

Well, I’m sure I’ve got you wondering what the rant is about. No ailments, no depressions. It’s even worse! The feeling of guilt!

I haven’t committed a murder (;), but there are zillion things I (more generally, most women) feel guilty about. These pangs make their presence felt at least once a day- ‘The devil’s dosage’-as my husband sarcastically calls it.

Here I begin my story! These are a few of my favourite guilts.

  1. Shedding extra weight: I’m sure I’m not alone in this. The weekend dinners, filled with meaty conversations – some bitchy and some funny, make me forget my work load, but the aftermath is just terrible to digest. The fatty kebabs and sugary desserts sure are a treat to my taste buds, only till I picture myself running on the treadmill, like I was being chased by a dog. There I am….Guilt number one!
  2. Am I a good wife? I have the best office timings and I am a queen when I get back home. A cook cum maid (to whom I shall refer as Nanny) would be a blessing in disguise for any working woman. From keeping the house squeaky clean to ensuring dinner is ready on the time; Nanny worries for me. But, hey, my point here is am I being a good wife? The easiest way to a man’s heart is his stomach. I might sound like I belong to the 80s, but isn’t it true? And now, it shows up again- not being able to cook for my husband, guilt number two!
  3. Forgetting important dates: This is the worst of the lot! Although men share a part of it, they shrug it off and get done with it. But women are not made that way. They beat themselves up for these minor mishaps. From paying dues to remembering anniversaries and birthdays, dates just don’t register in my head. I’m sure most of us don’t remember all of our friends’ birthdays. And then we cut a sorry face and buy a pricey gift just to bridge the rift. And if its in-laws, it’s even worse, let’s not get into that bit!
  4. Exceeding the credit limit: Women and shopping are kind of synonymous. We need no reason to buy that expensive dress! Do we? From shoes to cosmetics to accessories, we all love buying anything and everything that looks pretty. While I feel my credit card is a blessing, my hubby (I’m sure most hubbies) feel it’s an added burden and why not! Every time I tear check leaves to dump them into drop boxes, my head spins and then there is the whole feeling of guilt happily making its way into my tiny little mind.
  5. Saying ‘No’: Most women feel we are responsible to keep everyone around us happy. In the mad rush to be in the good books of everyone, sometimes we just forget to use the word ‘No’, although we know it exists. From playing the host to sharing an expensive saree, we often make a blind commitment and regret later! Learning to say No is first on my do-to list from now.
  6. Letting your parents down: Women, especially the married lot are bound to feel guilty about how well they take care of their parents. Am I buying them enough? Should I visit them more often? There’s always a comparison we draw between what they’ve done for us and what we do in return, but, it’s is just meaningless! Our parents are going to love us however we are, but the guilt just stays.

Here I end my rant! I hope to cancel my guilt trip soon and fill this page with a list of things I adore myself for.

What are you guilty of? Share it in the column beneath.