Teen driver in Concord crash cited for weapons, narcotics weeks before crash

The San Francisco Local

CONCORD, Calif. —The same SUV that hit and killed a father and his daughter in Concord Easter weekend had been pulled over by police in Walnut Creek a week before the fatal crash, according to the Walnut Creek police log.

Walnut Creek police recorded in their log that an officer made a traffic stop Friday, March 30, and cited a juvenile for weapons and drugs, and the plate matched that of the Escalade involved in the fatal Concord crash.

The 17-year-old driver had lost control of his SUV while he was speeding down Treat Boulevard and struck and killed a father and his daughter as they rode their bikes Saturday, April 7.

It's been more than two weeks, but Steven Pierce said he clearly remembers the night police stopped a white SUV in front of his home on Naranja Drive in Walnut Creek.

"(I) saw the police, saw a white SUV. They had a dog in the SUV sniffing around, and then the police spent quite a while going through the SUV themselves," Pierce said.

One week later, police said, the same white Cadillac Escalade was the one that veered onto a sidewalk and struck Solaiman Nuri, 41; 9-year-old Hadessa Nuri; and Nuri's 12-year old daughter.

Solaiman Nuri and his daughter Hadessa were killed. The other daughter suffered minor injuries.

Officers arrested the teenage driver.

Police confirmed the license plate of the teen's SUV matched the plate found in the Walnut Creek police log.

The driver's father declined to speak with KTVU after a crew approached the family's home Thursday night.

A friend and neighbor of the victims said this new information makes the incident even more frustrating.

"Who takes responsibility for that?" said Steve Saiz, the victims' neighbor. "Who's going to make the call and say, 'This should not have happened?'"

Last week, the teen driver was released from juvenile hall because charges have not yet been filed.

Concord police now say the investigation could take another three weeks to complete.

Photo caption: Bicycle and car in Concord crash (KTVU)