Woman recreates selfies posted by new owner of her iPhone

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Tumblr inspirations come from many strange places. For Danielle Bruckman, it all started with the loss of her iPhone.

Last year, on New Year’s Day, Bruckman discovered her iPhone was missing, but didn’t know where she had lost it. It ended up in the possession of a mustachioed stranger, with a particular affinity for selfies. It also appears he wasn’t particularly tech-savvy, as he never bothered to turn off the cloud sync Bruckman had set up on her phone. So now, all his photos get synced with her iCloud account.

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It’s hardly the first time a new iPhone owner has neglected to disconnect the previous owner’s iCloud account. A man who had his iPad stolen in 2012 attempted to retrieve it by posting photos of the new owners, received through his iCloud account, online. But Bruckman has taken a more laid-back approach, opting to simply recreate some of the gentleman’s selfies on her Tumblr My Cloud Pal.

With an assortment of fake mustaches and a good sense of humour, Bruckman posted a selection of photos from the 250+ she has received over the last year, accompanied by her rendition of the photos.

“He somehow grew on me and I actually enjoy getting his updates and see it as a window to peer into his daily life,” Bruckman told BuzzFeed. “In a way, it’s a selfie diary of sorts and now I can paint a more full picture of this man’s life.”

On her blog, Bruckman says she didn’t attempt to retrieve the missing phone because it was an old iPhone 3 she was already looking to replace. By the time she received any of the new owner’s photos, she already had a new phone.

Bruckman is now looking for user submissions to her blog for more selfies to recreate.

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