Rogers customer finds pornography, drug video on loaner phone

Tori Floyd
A Rogers storefront is pictured in Toronto on August 15, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Galit Rodan

It’s a bummer whenever your cell phone is in need of repairs, and you have to borrow one from your provider until it’s returned to you. It’s even more frustrating when you discover explicit material on that phone, and now your four-year-old son keeps talking about it.

A Saskatoon mother was shocked to discover nude photos, homemade pornography and images of someone smoking from a glass pipe on a phone she borrowed from Rogers, The Star-Phoenix reports.

The battery in Lisa Schmidt’s phone stopped working, so she took it to a Rogers outlet and received a device on loan while she waited for hers to be repaired. Her son borrowed the phone to take photos, and discovered the images.

“My son was taking a picture of our dog and suddenly it went quiet and he said, ‘Mommy look at this,” Schmidt told The Star-Phoenix.

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Schmidt found about 40 explicit images on the device.

“My son is running around now, telling people what he saw,” Schmidt said. “This stuff is in his head. There is nothing I can do.”

In response to the incident, a spokesperson for Rogers issued a statement, explaining that it is protocol to wipe all loaner devices before they are loaned to the next person.

“This is unacceptable and something we are taking very seriously,” Rogers said in a statement. “Our policy is to completely wipe any data from devices before they are loaned to customers. We’re investigating this incident to determine what happened in this case and why our policy wasn’t followed.

“One of our senior executives has contacted Ms. Schmidt directly to offer a sincere apology on behalf of Rogers. We have worked with the customer to make this right and she has indicated that she’s satisfied with the solution.

The Star-Phoenix says Schmidt was offered $10 off her next Rogers bill.

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