Little girl spots security flaw with Touch ID, Apple’s new fingerprint security

The Right Click

Apple’s newest and arguably most innovative feature on its new smartphones, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, may have a small security flaw. While it certainly boasts some impressive technology, it isn’t perfect, as one little girl has figured out.

Redditor iZeeHunter posted this image (presumably) of his daughter figuring out how to get around that new security feature.

You just know that smile says, “tee hee hee, I’m going to beat Dad’s high score on Candy Crush.”

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The biometric sensor in the phone, located beneath the iPhone 5s’s home button, scans the finger of a user and, reading beneath the skin’s surface, verifies that it’s the correct user accessing the phone. It will also allow users to verify in-app purchases being made on the iPhone 5s, instead of having to enter your Apple ID password each time. The fingerprint data is encrypted and stored locally on the device (not on the iCloud), so there’s presumably no risk of your fingerprint information getting leaked in transmission.

Safeguards are in place to make it impossible for latex molds of a fingerprint, severed limbs or corpses to be used to access a phone, so, uh, potential thieves, please leave my fingers intact. However this little girl has proven that if you’re asleep or passed out due to inebriation, your (supposed) friends and family may be able to have a bit of phone fun at your expense.

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