Virtual message board: What would you tell Rob Ford?

Thomas Bink
Rob Ford protest
Angry Torontonians use chalk to scribble messages on the walls at city hall.

As Toronto Mayor continues to indignantly refute allegations and refuse to step aside from his role as the city's leader, Torontonians have taken to the concrete outside of city hall to send him a message.

"Enough," read one simple chalk message. "Coward works here," read another. "I am a taxpayer and I would like you to resign now," said another.

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As long as no criminal charges are laid against the mayor, Toronto city council does not have the power to remove him from his position. The provincial government can act if an official's conduct limits the ability of a city to do business, but Toronto has clearly not yet reached that point.

The fact of the matter is that Ford was elected into office, and only the electorate can remove him. And the next election is in October, 2014. Ford has declared numerous times that he plans to be on the ballot.

In the meantime, concerned citizens continue to express their outrage in chalk.

"I love this city," one writer said late last week. "Unfortunately, this mayor has made us an international embarrassment. I'm getting emails from my friends in Montreal. It's just shameful."

Instead of chalk, we offer you an electronic opportunity to tell Ford how you feel. We will forward your comments to the mayor.

So ... what do you want to say to Rob Ford?

Have your say in the comments area below.