How will you spend your Rogers apology credit?

Thomas Bink
Pulse of Canada
A Blackberry smartphone on the Rogers wireless network is seen in Montreal
A Blackberry smartphone on the Rogers wireless network is seen in Montreal, October 26, 2010. REUTERS/Shaun Best

Rogers, Canada's largest cellphone service provider, is under fire this morning after leaving millions of customers speechless last night — without voice or texting services.

The company fielded thousands of calls — from old-fashioned land lines, it must be pointed out — and at one point the company's website crashed from the flurry of angry customers demanding answers.

Shortly after midnight Eastern Time, service resumed for most Rogers and Fido customers, though some customers continue to experience disruptions. Rogers boasts about 10 million customers across Canada.

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"I recognize this service interruption was unacceptable for our customers," said Rogers Communications CEO Nadir Mohamed. "We worked as quickly as possible to restore service and it was gradually restored over the course of the evening. I sincerely apologize to all of our customers for this significant inconvenience and appreciate their understanding and patience."

To make up for the outage, postpaid wireless subscribers of Rogers and its Fido subsidiary will receive a day's credit on their bills. A small measure for millions of loyal customers who may have lost business, missed out on a job offer or apartment, or didn't get to contact to a loved one heading out on a trip. The rebate will likely amount to only a few pennies — or at most a couple dollars — for each customer affected, depending on your plan.

So we ask you: How will your spend your Rogers apology credit?

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