Do you care about the royal birth?

Thomas Bink
Do you care about the royal birth?

It is the most famous baby in the world — and it hasn't even been born yet.

Within days, Kate Middleton and Prince William will welcome their first child, who will instantly become third in line for the British throne, behind princes Charles and William.

That's correct — the baby that isn't born yet is likely to appear on Canadian currency of future generations.

A crowd of reporters has been camped outside of St. Mary's Hospital in London since early last week. The Princess moved into her parent's house late last week, while William played polo in Sydmonton on the weekend.

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Among baby-related celebrations planned across Canada, Toronto will light up the CN Tower blue or pink once the baby arrives, and Niagara Falls will also glow pink or blue.

After years of sagging support for the monarchy in recent years in Canada, Kate, William and the royal baby have endeared Canadians to the Royal Family. In 2005, a poll showed Canadians were evenly split on removing the monarchy as Canada's head of state, but in 2011, 58% of respondents to a similar poll were in favour of the country remaining a monarchy. Over 70% of respondents in an unscientific Yahoo! poll on the weekend said the royal birth didn't interest them, yet any baby-related news remains among the site's highest-viewed content.

So we ask you: Do you care about the pending royal birth? And if so, why?

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