What to watch for in the polls

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Bottom Line

Just 12 days to go until the presidential election and I received a lot of questions about those polling numbers that seem to be all over the map.

Take a look at the questions I tackled today:

Linden Wooderson: @GStephanopoulos how are the polls reflecting the early vote?

Carlos Romero: Do polls account for people without landlines?

Chris Cyr: @GStephanopoulos with all of these polls who has the best historical predictions?

David Heikkinen: @GStephanopoulos does anything more than Ohio, Virginia and Colorado matter?

Belinda Abbott: @GStephanopoulos please talk about popular vote versus electoral vote and what ifs

All great questions. You can check out my answers here, and why I think you should pay close attention to our ABC News polling site HERE .

Please keep the questions coming via Facebook and Twitter. And hope to see you Sunday on This Week.