Will Washington ever be as cool as Hollywood?

Amy Walter, David Chalian, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham
Power Players

Top Line

The intersection of politics and celebrity has been dominating Washington, D.C. for the last week or so, raising the larger question of: do you have to have a bit of celebrity cool to get elected president these days? Barack Obama slow jams the news, Mitt Romney entertains an offer to host Saturday Night Live -- increasingly the blending of celebrity and politics has become part of the equation in presidential campaigns.

Mitt Romney's team seems to be battling with this approach, on the one hand his campaign argues that Americans do not want a president that is cool, i.e. President Obama, because after four years, where has that gotten you? On the other hand, Ann Romney appears to be working very hard to show her husband is a really cool, funny guy, and that Americans just have not seen that side of him.

Top Line's Amy Walter got to spend some time with real celebrities recently. A flood of stars came to Washington and actually wanted to be around people traditionally labeled as extremely nerdy. Check out this week's Top Line to see what Elizabeth Banks, Sofia Vergara, and other stars have to say about "bad a**" politicians, first dog Bo, and playing a role in bipartisan relations.