Virginia is for Lovers…and Voters

Amy Walter, David Chalian, Rick Klein, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham
Power Players

Top Line

Voters in all 50 states are going to the polls in November to pick the next president - but as we all know, the battle will be focused on a few hotly contested states. The Top Line team thinks Virginia is the most interesting.

Why Virginia? It is a state that went for Republicans for years, but in 2008, Virginia went for Barack Obama by a margin of 5 points and a 200,000 vote margin.

If Obama can hold onto Virginia, the electoral college math makes it almost impossible for Mitt Romney to make up that margin, ABC's Rick Klein points out.

But the switch of Virginia from red to blue in 2008 is wobbly, ABC's Amy Walter notes. In 2010's midterm elections, several Republicans were swept into office. And if the younger voters that came out for Obama in 2008 are not as enthusiastic this year, it could be Romney's victory.

Tell us — do you think Virginia will go for Romney or Obama? And which state are you watching most closely?