Truth squadding Romney’s anti-Gingrich ads

Jonathan Karl, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham
Power Players

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As we get closer to the critical Florida primary on Jan. 31, the rhetoric and spin among the Republican hopefuls Florida is just plain vicious. Take the anti-Newt Gingrich ad from Mitt Romney's supporters meant to blunt the former Speaker's momentum. The pro-Romney Super PAC is spending $5 million on ads in Florida. But is the ad fair?

The ad has some elements of truth — the former Speaker was indeed fined for ethics violations and he did earn a large sum of money from the troubled mortgage giant Freddie Mac. Fair enough. But the ad goes way over the line when it says that Gingrich co-sponsored a bill in Congress with Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi that would give $60 million a year to a UN program supporting China's brutal one-child policy.

That's a lot of spin, but it's just not true.