Thanksgiving: Political reporters, late night comedians should give thanks for 2012

Amy Walter
Power Players

Top Line

For all those who've been part of campaign frenzy of 2012, now is the time to relax and reflect. But before we tuck into the turkey, sidle up to the stuffing, or dig into the dessert, political types need to give thanks for the bounty that this election year has provided to them.

Political Reporters

Open mics and hidden cameras gave hungry political reporters lots to feast upon. From Obama's moment of candor with Medvedev to Romney's dinner discussion with donors, reporters reaped the benefits of politicians caught straying from carefully crafted talking points.

Late Night Comedians

Todd Akin's magical uterus, Newt's moon colony, Clint Eastwood's chair, and Obama's debate debacle -- let's just say the comedy gods smiled brightly on 2012.

Undecided Voters

In real life they're known as wishy-washy and unreliable. But, for one glorious year, undecideds were the "deciders." They were courted and quoted and doted upon like princes and princesses. With the election now over they are finally freed from that pressure of picking the next leader of the free world. Now they can put their efforts into something much more consequential like white meat or dark?

And, for those who have some room for just one more piece of pie after stuffing themselves silly at dinner -- hint, think Jersey boys -- check out this week's episode of Top Line.