Sorting through the scandals: What’s at stake for the IRS, DOJ and the White House

George Stephanopoulos
Power Players


Controversy has been the word this week Washington as the White House has grappled with the fallout from Benghazi, the IRS scandal and the Justice Department seizing phone records of journalists at the Associated Press. On Wednesday President Obama announced that the head of the IRS had been fired, and the administration released a series of emails about the Benghazi situation, all while Attorney General Eric Holder was taking questions on that AP leak investigation up on Capitol Hill. The abundance of activity in Washington has prompted a lot questions.

Daniel Bonomini wanted to know: Can the IRS act on its own w/o directive from the executive branch?

Carol Livingston tweeted: Firing the IRS commissioner does not end it… need to hear from him what or who gave his agency the idea to target the groups.

And Patrick wrote in on Yahoo answers: As far as the Benghazi stuff, and IRS stuff go, that's not really anything new. I'm more concerned about the phone taps. When did that become okay? Is the White House now big brother?

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