Red line crossed in Syria: What would intervention look like?

George Stephanopoulos
Power Players

Last week intelligence officials assessed “with varying degrees of confidence” that chemical weapons had been used in the country—a possible game changer because those actions crossed President Obama’s red line. A lot of questions came in on Yahoo! answers this week about potential action by the United States: What would it look like? What would we do in the region?

Problem Solved asked: Why are we intervening? If we do intervene, what will we do?

DAB wanted to know: Does the our government have plans to deal with secessionist and radical political groups, along with Assad, that could threaten stability of friendly countries like Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan?

And Jordan inquired: Why do we feel like we have to intervene in all of these conflicts? All of our supposed "allies" lie low and stay in the weeds until the coast is clear.

Thank you for all of your great questions, and please keep them coming on Yahoo! answers. You can also write to me on Twitter and on Facebook. We’ll talk more about the next steps in Syria, plus a lot more this Sunday on “This Week.” See you then.