Politicians weighing in: Do pounds matter?

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Politicians weighing in: Do pounds matter?

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This week New Jersey Governor Chris Christie revealed that he underwent Lap-Band surgery in February. Christie says his decision to have the surgery- a common procedure aimed at improving weight loss- was based on concerns about his health and his family, saying he wants to be there for many years with his wife and kids. But the news has increased speculation that he’s planning to run for president in 2016, and sparked a lot of discussion online and on social media.

Ashley wrote in on Yahoo! answers: People involved directly in Washington politics and with the president- they all to be in shape and perfectly groomed. Perhaps because they are more in the public spotlight and have more pressure to look healthy?

Dane Volyn asked: Nobody cared about William Howard Taft’s weight, or FDR’s paralysis and Kennedy’s womanizing was kept very quiet. Why is Christie’s weight such a (pardon the pun) heavy topic?!

And Dave tweeted: Two words: He’s running!

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