A Politician’s Breaking Point

Amy Walter
Power Players

Politically Foul

Politics: it's not a game, exactly. But there are rules, and when you break them you are running….Politically Foul!

Perhaps inspired by famous coach-rant legends Bobby Knight, Jim Mora and Lou Pinella, Illinois State Representative Mike Bost swung for the fences when he stood to speak on the House floor this week. The Republican representative's rambling tirade against Democrats for their handling of a pension reform bill was capped off when Bost wound up to deliver the one two punch. Throwing the legislation into the air, he gazed out into the upper deck, lashed out with a right jab and. . .

STRIKE! It's possible the representative is just in a slump but here's a tip: the only way to become a better hitter is to keep your eye on the bill.

Mitt Romney loves America. We know that because he likes to sing about it, wax poetic about it.
But, apparently his campaign is not so big on spelling it. On their new iPhone App, the Romney campaign called for us all to help him build a "Better AMERCIA"

FLAG! Five yards: illegal shift. It's pretty hard to get folks to support America if they can't even recognize their own country.

Either Jeff Barth is running for Congress in SD and wants voters to get to know him, or someone has leaked his video diary.

In his campaign spot, Barth lays out an extensive list of quick tips and fun factoids. For those keeping score at home, Barth is afraid of nuclear war, has ridden an ostrich, was the 1993 state chess champ, has 4 kids with straight teeth and once lived in Iceland.

The penalty: Well, none really.

This guy is a hoot. Like watching your uncle — or your next-door neighbor — after a few pops at dinner.

Those are the politically plays we flagged this week. Tell us your best and worst moments and we'll survey the field again next week.