Newt-a-Mania Gripping Georgia?

John Berman & Samara Mackereth
Power Players

Politically Foul

Politics is not a game exactly, but there are rules. And when you break them you're running Politically Foul! Each week, we call the penalties, conversions and downs as we see them on the political playing field.

It was "Newtamania" in Georgia this week where Newt Gingrich rocked Hulk Hogan's anthem "Real American Hero." Lyrics from the iconic theme song from the Hulk's World Wrestling Federation days blared through the speakers, "I am a real American, fight for what's right, fight for your life!"

Looks like Gingrich is trying to knock his competition out of the ring before the main event in Georgia: Super Tuesday.

Republican rallies were getting double coverage in recent days from Samuel Wurzelbacker. Remember that name? That's right, Joe the Plumber is back on the field! He made an appearance at a Rick  Santorum event and was later spotted at a Mitt Romney rally. This guy is not a rookie trying to get attention at political events, but he does need to choose a team.

And what was that? A fake-out play by President Obama at the United Auto Workers Conference? Despite claims by event organizers and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney that it was NOT a political event, it sure felt like one. Mr. President took a pass off from the crowd who were chanting, "Four more years! Four more years!"   Sounds political!

And in North Carolina, Vice President Joe Biden should have benched a sleepy spectator. While speaking at Davidson County Community College, the student sitting over the Vice President's shoulder struggled to stay awake, dozing off various times. We can't penalize the guy; he was just stealing plays from Biden's own playbook. Looking back at the game tapes, you'd find Joe Biden snoozing during a President Obama speech last year.

The creepy mascot of the week award goes to: Callista Gingrich and Ellie the Elephant. Callista and the main character from her children's book read to a group of young spectators at an elementary school in Georgia. After a fair game, they walked off the field hand-in-hand. That's team spirit!

Those are the politically plays we flagged this week. Tell us your best and worst moments and we'll survey the field again next week.