Can Mitt Romney end the gaffe track?

Rick Klein, David Chalian, Richard Coolidge & Sherisse Pham
Power Players

Top Line

One thing Mitt Romney brings home from his trip abroad this week is a whole lot of baggage, so much so that the campaign has to be worrying about the fact that he has now become the gaffe candidate. It was not a smooth trip, and as Romney returns stateside, the campaign is now attempting to change the narrative with a brand new positive ad, much like the new Obama ads that featured the president talking straight to camera last week.

It almost seems like a reverse tactic of traditional presidential campaigns, which usually start by introducing the candidates, before ruthlessly attacking opponents. It seems the 2012 presidential race went to the attacks first, then the campaigns realized they need to build things up a bit.

For Romney, will the damage done abroad plague him back home? And did the presumptive nominee come away from this trip with any upsides? Check out this week's Top Line to find out.