Handicapping 2016: If not Hillary, then who?

George Stephanopoulos
Power Players


Whether you like it or not, the speculation about the 2016 presidential campaign has already begun, and there’s been a whole lot of discussion about whether or not Hillary Clinton will run for president again. The former Secretary of State has already begun giving speeches since resigning her post earlier this year, and support networks have already begun to emerge for Hillary 2016. A lot of you had questions about Clinton’s potential candidacy, and about the 2016 race in general.

David Buchanan wrote in on Facebook: Secretary Clinton's place in history is well established. She is widely respected and there are many people who disagree with many of her political positions but still join in that respect (like me). She has a platform to influence public policy, if she chooses to use it, for the rest of her life. All of that would be put to risk if she runs (even if she wins). Why would she do that?

Melina Visinjivik asked: Who's the DNC frontrunner if Hillary Clinton doesn't run? Mark Warner? Tim Kaine?

And Clark Johnson tweeted: Historically, how accurate are political predictions three years ahead of time?

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Correction: John Glenn was seen as a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in the 1984 presidential election, not the 2004 election.