Newt Gingrich’s make up tips

Samara Mackereth
Power Players

Politically Foul

Politics is not a game exactly, but there are rules, and when you break them, you are running Politically Foul!

If you need help with your eye black, look no further than Newt Gingrich. He knows his game day prep. During an event at a Raleigh high school, Gingrich reached into his cosmetic bag of metaphors while explaining his stance on health care to his teen audience.

"Think about it, if you're going to go out on Friday and you're going to put on make-up, each of you has a different skin tone and you have different hair color and you may want to create a different effect. If you're going to church you probably wear one level of makeup, if you're going out on a date, you may wear a different level of make-up. If you were going to be in a play up here, you may wear a different level of makeup and it would be literally unique to each one of you."

Flag! Illegal shades on the face. It may have been a good metaphor but who wants Newt Gingrich weighing in on their mascara?

Meanwhile, President Obama was catching a bit of disco fever at a fundraising event in Florida. When the lights started to flicker mid-speech, Obama joked, "Is there a little light show going on here? It's nice. Sort of a …it's a disco rally. Somebody going to pull the roller skates out now?"

Foul: delaying the game! We've seen you sing Mr President, when are we going to see you dance?

And finally, Rick Santorum retired his uniform this week. Ending his bid for the GOP nomination, the once hopeful candidate credited his signature campaign jersey: the sweater vest.

"I was doing an event for Mike Huckabee in Des Moines and showed up and everyone was in suits and ties and I showed up in a sweater vest. Turns out I gave a pretty good speech that night and all of a sudden the twitterverse went wild saying it must be the sweater vest and from that point on the sweater vest became the official wardrobe of the Santorum campaign."

Equipment violation: 5 yards! Illegal use of the sweater vest! Even nostalgia can't excuse questionable wardrobe choices.

Those are some of the politically plays we flagged this week. Tell us your best and worst moments and we'll survey the field again next week.