George’s Bottom Line: Political comebacks: What can voters forgive?

George Stephanopoulos
Power Players

Former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer surprised New York City residents and the rest of the country this week when he announced that he plans to run for New York City Comptroller this fall. Spitzer’s decision marks the second return to the political stage from a former New York politician who resigned their post amid a scandal. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner is currently running for Mayor of New York City. On the other side of the aisle, former VP candidate and Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin told Fox News she's considering running for senate in 2014. She of course stepped down mid-term when she was governor. Many of you had questions about these comeback attempts for Spitzer and Weiner, as well as the likelihood that Palin would indeed run for senate in Alaska.

Zefyros tweeted: Why do voters accept those politicians back into the arena?

Fausto Lozada asked: Do they believe that with today's 24/7 news, social media people tend to "forget" how they first left?

Hilaire Mouaffo wrote in on Facebook: We all know American people a very forgiving and believe in a second chance. My question is this one: How can those politicians reassure the American people that they have truly learned from their previous mistakes?

And Magan Evans asked: I don't understand why Sarah Palin wants to enter the race? She doesn't have anything new to offer.

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