Explaining “Stand Your Ground” laws.

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Explaining “Stand Your Ground” laws.

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A lot of questions came in this week about “Stand Your Ground” laws- those controversial laws in place in many states across the nation, including Florida where it was the subject of scrutiny in the trial of George Zimmerman. Although the law was not invoked as part of Zimmerman’s defense, many of you had questions about the role it might have played in the trial, and about how these laws actually work.

Pat Carleson said: “Explain this law please, I don't think I've heard of it until this trial brought it out.”

Brian Henschel asked: “How many states have a stand your ground law and concealed carry laws? Are any states considering a stand your ground law?”

And Julia Davis tweeted: “Why does everyone keep bringing up "stand your ground" when it wasn't used in the Z-trial? They used self defense.”

Many also asked about the media coverage of the Zimmerman trial.

Jan Wert wrote in on Facebook: “Why is there so much "commentary" as opposed to just reporting the news? This jury was not sequestered and we will never know what they were exposed to.”

Thanks as always for your great questions. Please keep them coming on Twitter and on Facebook. We’ll talk more about the reaction nationwide to George Zimmerman’s acquittal, along with the rest of the week’s top headlines this Sunday on “This Week.”

ABC's Elizabeth Hartfield and Gerald Mahoney contributed to this episode.