Election night behind the scenes at ABC

Sherisse Pham
Sherisse Pham
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It's the day after the nation went to the polls. And we thought we'd give you a look into the hard work that went into the big night here -- both for our ABC/Yahoo live streaming coverage and on the ABC News television network. While election nights are frenetic, the hours leading up to exit poll results, and the first closing polls and vote count are painfully slow ones.

"I've often said that I love election nights. I hate election days. Because election days are the one time you can't really do any meaningful reporting, you can't learn anything new about the campaign, all you can do is wait," says ABC News' senior political editor Rick Klein.

But from the moment those first bits of data come out at 5 p.m., the newsroom begins to feast.

Come with us as we take you on a backstage tour of the prep work, the production, and the data and nibbles that fueled this  election night.

With contributions from ABC News' Serena Marshall and Mary-Rose Abraham.