Edward Snowden: Hero or criminal?

George Stephanopoulos
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Bottom Line

The fall out from top secret information leaked earlier this month about the National Security Agency’s phone and internet monitoring programs continues to dog Congress and the Obama administration. Questions about these surveillance operations and their effectiveness seemed to follow the president overseas this week as he was in Europe for the G8 conference. Lots of you had questions about the programs themselves, as well as the fate of the man who claims to be behind the leaks, Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

Kelsey O'Neil wanted to know: “Do the majority of people believe his act of leaking docs was a public service by exposing citizens to reality?”

Kate Newell wrote in on Facebook: “Why does he need to be punished? At least someone told the truth. Sometimes information is uncomfortable to hear-- suck it up. You know what's more uncomfortable? Having my right to privacy taken away. He's a hero in my book!”

Kelly asked: “Have you seen *evidence* NSA did anything outside of statutory authorities provided by congress?”

And Dene tweeted: “Question: What is the chance of Snowden being pardoned?”

Thanks everyone for your great questions. Please keep them coming on Twitter and on Facebook.

We’ll talk a lot more about the latest developments in this on-going story along with the week’s other top headlines this Sunday on “This Week.” See you then.

ABC's Elizabeth Hartfield and Gerald Mahoney contributed to this episode.