Return of the Cold War in Congress

John Berman
Power Players

Politically Foul

Politics: it's not a game, exactly. But, there are rules and when you break them you are running…Politically Foul!

Republican congressman Allen West got his hands on a dated play book at a Florida town hall this week when he announced, "I believe there is about 78 to 81 members of the Democratic party that are members the Communist Party."

Flag! 15 yards...late hit!  Sixty years late! West is calling a (not so instant) replay on the Cold War.

Our Politically Foul all star, Vice President Joe Biden, was at it again this week. This time at a campaign event in Ohio where he went for a defensive tackle of the GOP. Getting fired up, Biden yelled, "They just don't get us!"

Foul: excessive shouting! Pace yourself Mr. Vice President, you have a long campaign season ahead.

The mystery of the 'will they or won't they' roster of potential VP contenders on the Republican ticket continues this week. The player in question: Bobby Jindal, who skirted the question of his VP ambitions, "It isn't about who's Vice President, it's about the vision going forward for America"

Flag! Intentional grounding!  You can only delay the game clock so long.

Those are the politically plays we flagged this week. Tell us your best and worst moments and we'll survey the field again next week.