Chris Christie and Rand Paul’s feud: Internationalism Vs. Isolationism a dividing issue for the GOP in 2016

George Stephanopoulos
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Bottom Line

A lot of questions came in this week about that Republican family feud that’s been making headlines. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul have been engaged in a public debate recently, arguing over several topics including domestic spending and the NSA’s surveillance program. Many of you wondered about the motivations behind the fight, as well as the implications for 2016.

Sandi Szecsy Wolff asked: What are issues they - and the Republican party - can collaborate on? Republicans don't cannibalize, so what are issues that we can debate, but generally come to a consensus as a party?

Patsy Estes Mowery Coley wrote in on Facebook: I would like to know what are the two subjects they are disagreeing on? Aren't they suppose to fight for the people that voted for them and not what the party wants. Listen to your voters and you will have the answer to your questions. When are they gonna listen to the people that voted for them? When did it become what the party wants not what the voters want or least the serious voters. You guys need to listen to the American People!

Hiver tweeted: @GStephanopoulos anything real to be gained by Christie/Paul engaging so personally so early?

And Allison Hogue Nolley asked: When is Gov. Christie going to switch parties, and will he consider being on the ticket with Hillary (as VP of course)???

Thanks for your great questions and please keep them coming on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll talk more about this argument, along with the rest of the week’s headlines this Sunday on “This Week.”

ABC's Elizabeth Hartfield and Gerald Mahoney contributed to this episode.