Chairman leading Friday showdown on Hill: There’s a ‘culture of rot’ at IRS

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Chairman leading Friday showdown on Hill: There’s a ‘culture of rot’ at IRS

The Fine Print

One of the lawmakers leading the search for answers in the IRS investigation into how Tea Party groups were treated is Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.), chairman of the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee.

He tells The Fine Print “there's a culture of rot going on at the IRS” and that “heads will roll” as his subcommittee prepares for the first Congressional hearing on the matter Friday.

Boustany characterizes the new Inspector General’s report, which reveals that the IRS began targeting these conservative political groups as early as 2010, as “very disturbing.”

“At the very least it's ineffective management,” Boustany says. “We know some egregious abuses occurred at the IRS and whether it's ineffective management, negligence, or deliberate political egregious violations of First Amendment rights for political purposes, we’re going to get to the bottom of it.”

Boustany started investigating possible targeting of conservative groups by the IRS two years ago after he began hearing complaints from constituents and groups who “felt they were being targeted,” but says the IRS has been “evasive and misleading from the start.”

“We want to get to the bottom of who made the decision, who at the top whether it's at the IRS or higher up,” Boustany says. “Could it have been someone at Treasury, or even perhaps at the White House, that made this decision to go forward. This is a flagrant abuse of power.”

To hear more of about what Boustany says are “disturbing questions” that need to be raised in the ongoing investigation, check out this episode of The Fine Print.

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