"My Dog Has a More Active Social Life Than I Do!"


By Caroline Golon l vetstreet.com

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While some dogs like to go to the park to socialize with their buddies, Bobbi Mitchell of Bronx, N.Y., says her 3-year-old Maltese, Ms. Betty Boop (or BB for short), would rather party it up on the New York doggie social circuit in her top canine couture.

High Fashion

Since the first night BB came to live with Mitchell and her husband, the dog has loved to wear clothes. "She won't go out of the house naked," Mitchell says. "She pulls back on the chain." So Mitchell obliges her little white pooch, buying her enough clothes and accessories to fill her own closet ... in her own bedroom, of course.

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"When she's at home, she just wears a T-shirt," Mitchell shares. But when BB has a special event to attend, she dons her designer gear - styles from top doggie designers like Anthony Rubio and Ada Nieves. "Sometimes she does wear off the rack," admits Mitchell. "But that's for casual stuff." But always, the doting mom adds, she makes sure to mix it up. "In New York, you just don't want to be seen in the same thing twice," she says.

Mitchell and BB's penchant for fashion has paid off. Last year the little dog, wearing an Ada Nieves light-up gown, won third place at the Pre-Westminster Fashion Show.

"It was a big deal," says Mitchell. "We had some of our family fly in from California and South Carolina. They couldn't believe it."

But at the end of the day, after the glitz and glam is over, BB slips on her doggie pajamas, trots off to her bedroom and calls it a night.

High Life

The well-dressed BB also leads an active social life. Mitchell says her little dog loves being around people and other dogs so much that she's happy to indulge her. From Pup Scouts to charity events to pet shows, BB and her escort, Mitchell, make the social circuit rounds. "My life revolves around BB's social life, which many of my friends (without furkids) do not understand. I must check BB's social schedule before planning what I am going to do," Mitchell says.

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Fortunately, many of BB's activities enable her to hang with her two besties - a Bichon boyfriend named Casper and her best friend ZZ, a Maltipoo. "They're like the three amigos," Mitchell says.

BB, who just turned three, is looking forward to her birthday party, where she's welcoming 32 furry guests and planning games like "Musical Sit" and "Red Light, Green Light."

"Yes, Ms. BB leads a charmed life," says Mitchell. "And I wouldn't have it any other way."

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