Fly the Coop: 5 Reasons to Enjoy a Baby-free Getaway

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5 reasons to enjoy a baby-free getaway
5 reasons to enjoy a baby-free getaway

The last couple years, my husband and I have been lucky enough to travel to wonderful places with his company. While it's easy to say yes to Hawaii, it's not so easy to think about leaving the kids behind. Last year our baby, "Pink", was just 8 months old. This year, she was 20 months old. I worried, worried, and worried some more, but then we went. And here are just a few of the reasons I'm glad we did.

1. Time for Two
While date nights and stolen moments are wonderful, there's something different about going back to being a two-some for a couple days. It's a great time to think back to your time together before kids. When you only had eyes - and time - for each other.

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2. Baby Makes Special Bonds
Whether Baby stays with family, friends, or a nanny, the time that special someone shares with her will be great for everyone. Baby will have yet another person she trusts, and the caretaker will have a new understanding of how wonderful - and challenging - a baby is.

3. Sleep ... On Your Terms
Even though I can't seem to sleep past 7am when I'm away, the fact that I can get up slowly, or just lie there, is a complete change of pace. Somehow that just sets the tone for the day, and makes waking up much earlier when I return a little less exhausting.

4. Baby Gains Independence
Of course there's nothing like the baby/parent bond, but I've noticed a little space gives my baby time to try new things. For instance, after this trip, we came home to a much bigger vocabulary. I considered it proof that my not being there to read her mind and interpret her babbles was actually a growing experience for her.

5. Going Home is Just As Exciting
While saying goodbye to vacation isn't easy, knowing that little face will be greeting you when you return is something to get really excited about.

By Amy Heinz
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