Road Trip: Meet Amazing ‘Horse Healer’ in Anza, CA

Wendy Geller

It's a fact: Nobody works forever, and that includes our animal as well as human friends. One of the hardest-working species, horses, are hit particularly hard at retirement with issues such as arthritis and other disabilities that result from a lifetime of physical hauling, racing, riding, and rodeo. However, although their work days may be over, they still have a lot of life left in them!

Luckily, there is someone out there who cares about giving these older workers a peaceful and dignified retirement. Road Trip host Marc Istook headed out to Anza, Calif., to meet a very special horse lover, Casey O'Connor, who operates the Golden Carrot Equine Rescue. O'Connor, a former legal secretary, decided to follow her heart's passion and has now devoted her life to rescuing and caring for older and disabled horses. The animals can depend upon a "forever home" at the rescue, and do not have to worry about working again if their condition does not allow it.

O'Connor, who runs her rescue with the help of charitable donations, currently has more than 40 horses under her permanent care, all in various stages of life and ability. She even employs a special equine chiropractor to help with their work- and age-related issues. In this Road Trip segment, you'll be able to observe an aging horse's back being adjusted!

It's clear from visiting O'Connor's Golden Carrot that the animals provide as much of a healing energy for the humans that care for them, as they receive healing themselves. O'Connor absolutely agrees: "These horses give their lives to people. They do what people want them to do," she notes. "Now, this is a chance to reward them for that."

If you'd like to learn more about the Golden Carrot Equine Rescue, as well as read profiles of the horses that live there, visit here.

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