Road Trip: Get Rolling With Hot New Sport, Key Log Rolling!

Wendy Geller
Senior Editor
Our Country
Road Trip: Get Rolling With Hot New Sport, Key Log Rolling!

Last month, Road Trip host Marc Istook met with collegiate athletes competing in Timbersports, a physically demanding lumberjack challenge in which participants saw and chop logs and trees. This month, Istook traveled to Minneapolis to meet a woman who is interested in yet another form of log-related sport!

That would be 27-year-old world champion logroller Abby Hoeschler, who grew up in a family full of logrolling enthusiasts. Taught by her mother how to roll at the local YMCA when she was just a kid, Hoeschler wanted to share her passion for the fun sport with the world -- and perhaps start the newest fitness craze, as it demands lots of coordination and strength.

Not to mention intense concentration: "Any small misstep and you're off the log," Hoeschler says with a smile. "It's all or nothing!"

"My family always knew people really loved logrolling," she notes of the sport, which began years ago when lumberjacks tested out their balance while delivering logs down the river to mills. "They love to watch it, and we were frustrated by the slow growth of the sport."

Hoeschler made it a mission to figure out why the sport was not enjoying the popularity she felt it deserved. She eventually realized the weight and immobility of a wooden log made the sport difficult for most everyday people to manage or navigate.

So Hoeschler, fresh out of college, decided to fix that. She teamed up with innovative engineers to find the solution: eventually developing the Key Log, a 65-pound synthetic version of the real thing which is much easier to use and transport.  "Just add water," is the company slogan.

Hoeschler is now the founder and CEO of Key Log Rolling, and is still working tirelessly to advocate for the "favorite sport of the American lumberjack," which she believes will become the hottest new sport to take the world by storm.  She's off to a good start: Today key logs can be found at summer camps across the country, recreational facilities, college campuses, home pools, and more!

For more information on Key Logs, check here.