Pasta, Cool Whip, Brandy, Snow ... Craziest Christmas Cravings of Country Stars!

Yahoo! Music

What's the best part of the holidays? Well, if you're like many of us (OK, let's be real — most of us), it's the food that makes spirits bright.

This is no different in Nashville, where country stars love to chow down … and on some not-so-typical fare that might surprise some of you out there.

Example? Tim McGraw likes to serve an unexpected dish on Christmas Eve. "My mother's maiden name is D'Agastino," he explains, "So coming from an Italian family on her side, for Christmas Eve we always have homemade pasta."

McGraw and wife Faith Hill are even quite efficient with the leftovers. "On Christmas morning, [we make] eggs with spaghetti sauce!"

At least most of us have heard of pasta. Country chanteuse Martina McBride's favorite holiday treat is a bit more unusual. She likes to make "fluff salad," a concoction that combines pimiento cheese spread, marshmallows, pineapple, and Cool Whip. Before you gag, rest assured that the cheese "is mostly for color and texture," McBride explains, adding that the "salad" is actually "more like candy."

Ready to try it out? Well … yes, we might wait too. Or at least not prepare it ourselves, although McBride helpfully provides the recipe on her Twitter account!

If the Cool Whip tempts you, but not the idea of it mixed with cheese, Brett Eldridge has a dish that may be more your speed. The Illinois native likes "snow cream," which is Cool Whip, vanilla, and actual snow mixed in a bowl. (No jokes involving the color yellow, please…)

More accessible to fans in warmer climates is New Orleans-bred Kix Brooks's favorite treat — a beverage called "milk punch" which looks creamy and delicious like egg nog, but families should take caution. This tasty drink is definitely only suitable for the grown-ups, since brandy is a main ingredient. Stick to the fluff salad, kids!

No matter what you fill your plate with this season, Ram Country and Yahoo Music wish you holidays filled with cheer and a very happy new year!