Guess Who's Getting Iced Now? None Other Than Dolly Parton!

Wendy Geller

Getting a little weary of the ALS Ice Bucket challenge? Although it does seem as if every celebrity (and non-celeb!) possible has posted a video of his/her dousing, here is one we promise you'll enjoy.

Cue country queen Dolly Parton, who was nominated by her dear friend Kenny Rogers to take the icy deluge. What makes Parton's challenge so special? Well, we're talking about a woman with one of the most famously constructed appearances in history — who once admitted she goes to sleep with her makeup on. Needless to say, getting wet and Dolly Parton are more than a bit of a messy mix! 

Parton taunts Rogers on the video: "Kenny said, 'You’ll never do it with your false eyelashes, your false hair, your false nails,'" she chants, before saying pointedly, "Kenny, you’ll be surprised at what all I do with my falseness for a good cause and a good laugh." 

She gamely adds, "You’re dying to see this hairdo go down the drain, aren’t ya?"

Yes, yes, we are! You can see the full video here:

Looks as if she was a little nervous at first to take the chilly soak, but in typical Dolly fashion, she got through it with her trademark humor. When advised she'd probably want to take off her shoes before getting iced, Parton joked, "My shoes are plastic... but then again, so’s the rest of me!"

A few screams later, and Rogers was put to shame. Parton emerged successful, went on to nominate her nieces (who had the lucky task of dumping the bucket), and even managed to finish up with a totally on-point joke.

"Yes, I have a bra on," she quipped. "Kenny, you gotta pay extra for the wet T-shirt contest!"