Get a Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse at Pistol Annie Angaleena Presley's Debut Album

Wendy Geller
The Making of American Middle Class
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Angaleena Presley gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of her album.

The famed girl trio Pistol Annies are well-known for their band-specific nicknames as their real names, with Angaleena Presley proudly declaring herself "Holler Annie." As the brunette Pistol explains, she was raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, the product of a solid mountain heritage and generations of coal miners.

And that's exactly what her upcoming solo debut album, American Middle Class, is all about. "The overall concept behind the record is exactly where I came from. It's about hard work and poverty and blessings...and just everything that comes along with that middle-class struggle to get by. You count every single blessing. It just paints a picture of that lifestyle."

In this exclusive video, Presley takes fans behind the scenes of the making of her concept record, allowing not only a glimpse at her process but also treating us to snippets of the music. The singer-songwriter, who first got a publishing deal in Nashville back in 2000, is stunningly accomplished at painting the pictures she's had in mind all these years.

"I feel like I've lived every second, every note, on this record," Presley, who co-produced the album with her husband, Jordan Powell, confesses. "I'm a modern-day coal miner's daughter."

American Middle Class will be out October 14 via Slate Creek Records.