David Nail Explains the Meaning of New Album Title Track, 'I'm a Fire'

Wendy Geller
David Nail: "I'm A Fire" Backstory
David Nail discusses the influence behind the title track of his latest release, "I'm A Fire"

David Nail released his much-anticipated third album, "I'm A Fire" this week to rave reviews from critics and fans. The singer offered up his thoughts on the set's moving title track exclusively to Yahoo Music, explaining that it's a "bona fide love song" and essentially an ode to his wife of nearly 5 years, Catherine.

"It was really inspired by the relationship that I have with my wife," Nail notes. "To me, 'I’m a fire' means, 'You made me a better man…I am what I am because of you. This feeling I have for you burns because of what you are."

Nail further details how life on the road can sometimes put wear and tear on a marriage, but that he and his spouse manage to work things out every time due to this special "fire" they have for each other.

Rounding out Nail's romantic words are glimpses of his actual wife watching him work in the studio. Enjoy this exclusive and intimate look behind-the-scenes of Nail's real life!

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